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The Pemberville Opera House

The Opera House is the crown jewel in properties restored and maintained

by the Historical Society. Built in 1892 and restored in 1999, the opera house

now boasts an elevator tower that was added in 2016. There are

regular shows here as well as recitals and weddings.

It is also available for tours.....just give us a call!

The Pember Furry House

The Pember Furry House is thought to be the oldest home in the village,

formerly owned by the namesakes of the town, the Pembers.

It is a small 1800's home that has been restored and is open several

times per year or by appointment.

The One Room Schoolhouse

Originally a schoolhouse, it was brought behind the Pember house

to function as a summer kitchen.  It has since been restored to a

schoolhouse which is open several times per year or by appointment.

The Smokehouse

A small structure used for smoking meats for preservation in the late 1800 and

early 1900's, this structure is 'fired up' in the fall at the Autumnfest.

You can even buy a smoked sausage on a stick!

The Blacksmith Cottage

Our blacksmith can be seen working during the Autumnfest in the little shack  behind the Furry House.